Le Livre en papier • Modern Stupid Management (UK) de Elias Benamar Hilal (PhD)

Modern Stupid Management (UK)
This book aims to introduce you to concepts said to be characteristic of ‘stupid management’ and to give you a more concise idea of its bad tendencies and influences. It represents a decade of field experiences, theory and thousands of so-called 'stupid' situations, compacted and simplified with concrete examples.
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Millennia of development, change, adaptation, effort, science, art, knowledge, technological advancements, and here we are in 2023, stuck in a loop trying to understand what 'stupidity' and incompetence are in a landscape where a few organizations from both the private and public sectors, with the help of some of their leaders, continue to be at the forefront of media scandals. Isn't perhaps 'someone who leads and shows the right path' the right definition of a leader? How is it that during all this time of 'development,' we have not yet found the formula to limit the damage of incompetence within our society? How is it still possible that 'incompetents' manage to hide behind the mask of 'prestigious competence'? How have we, beings endowed with intelligence, experience, and history, still not been able to solve the puzzle of 'stupidity' and incompetence within our organizations? Are stupidity and incompetence the weak links in our society, or rather, advantages?
Auteur : Elias Benamar Hilal (PhD)
Catégorie : Management, gestion et économie d'entreprise - Management
Format : A5 (14,8 x 21 cm)
Nombre de pages : 76
Couverture : Souple
Reliure : Dos carré collé
Finition : Brillant
ISBN : 978-2-8083-2650-6 9782808326506
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