Le Livre en papier • General Practice / Family Medicine multilingual terminology – English version de Marc Jamoulle

General Practice / Family Medicine multilingual terminology – English version
The “General Practice / Family Medicine Multilingual Terminology – English version" provides a non-exhaustive list of definitions of concepts, used by general practitioners and family physicians around the world in their scientific meetings. Physicians, students and patients will find in this book the concepts that underpin the profession and which show its extent and complexity. The book is illustrated with photographs and drawings that highlight the atmosphere of this very international job. The book presented by a family physician and a terminologist, is also available on this site in French, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese.
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This monograph reproduces the list of Q-Codes and their definitions, under the name of General Practice / Family Medicine Multilingual Terminology. The Q-Codes are a classification of non-clinical items in General Practice / Family Medicine (GP/FM).
This list is in an ontology-ready format, and made available at www.hetop.eu/Q by the Département d’information et d’informatique médicale (B2IM), University of Rouen, France.
The Q-Codes, whose classification is complementary to ICPC-2, are part of the 3CGP project and are intended to retrieve the main organizational concepts in GP/FM.
3CGP is an acronym for “Core Content Classification in Primary Care.” The 3CGP project joins ICPC-2 and Q-Codes to create a new ontology to improve the indexing of grey literature in GP/FM.
This monograph contains an explanation of the process of elaboration of the taxonomy, a tabular list of the Q-Codes, the list of their definitions and an index. The terminology and the Q-codes are also available on http://3cgp docpatient.net in Turkish, Vietnamese and Korean. The Q-Code base is freely available at www.hetop.eu/Q
Auteur : Marc Jamoulle
Editeur : CARE Editions
Catégorie : Ouvrages scientifiques - Médecine
Format : A5 (14,8 x 21 cm portrait)
Nombre de pages : 64
Couverture : Souple
Reliure : Dos carré collé, cousu au fil de lin
Finition : Brillant
ISBN : 978-2-39017-206-2
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