Le Livre en papier • The king still has one more move de Richard Graça Claeys

The king still has one more move
This book strives to illustrate a lifestyle rooted in personal growth, self-mastery and resilience. This lifestyle encourages us to reach our full potentials by developing an inner drive, cultivating physical, mental and emotional awareness as well as building mental toughness.
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The metaphor of the Buffalo and the Cow

Both sense when the storm is coming yet the difference is in the attitude taken by each, where the cows run from the storm making the fear of the storm and therefore the storm itself longer, the buffalo runs towards it facing the challenge ahead, terrified of the unknown yet knowing that once it is past they will be able to enjoy what the storm has provided them, like the water and the grass.

The connection here made is to our emotions, feelings and behaviors where nowadays people have no structure to understand and learn from, that our fears and our trauma are there to teach us the lessons of life. Making us realize that trough taking responsibility of ourselves we become our outmost capable potential. In today’s society we have allowed for the creation of generations of cows that run from themselves by allowing them to not take responsibility of dealing with their fears and it is time for that to change by reconnecting with our deepest selves and recognizing that it is the only way forward.
Auteur : Richard Graça Claeys
Catégorie : Développement personnel
Format : A5 (14,8 x 21 cm)
Nombre de pages : 146
Couverture : Souple
Reliure : Dos carré collé
Finition : Brillant
ISBN : 978-2-8083-2334-5 9782808323345
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